Co-operative Development

The Co-operative Development Unit was established to provide entrepreneurial development and growth opportunities for citizens living in Tobago, enabling them to find solutions to their economic, social and cultural challenges, by adopting the co-operative way of life.

The Unit impartially administers the existing laws, as is applicable, to the operations of Co-operatives and uphold the principles and practices as enshrined in the Co-operatives Societies Act 81:03.

The Unit cultivates, promotes and fosters the orderly growth of the co-operative movement based on international principles and best practices. The issues of inclusiveness, responsiveness and entrenchment in the community are also paramount.

The Unit provides a range of services to various stakeholders including Credit Unions, other Co-operative Societies, Schools and Community Groups. The services provided by the Unit include: education and training seminars and workshops, registration, regulation, inspection, advisory, promotion, arbitration/mediation, reconstruction and liquidation of societies, and auditing.

Contact Information:

Level 2, Victor E. Bruce Financial Complex
6-10 Post Office Street, Scarborough, 900212, Tobago
Tel:(868) 639-4412- ext. 53300 – 53306