Our Success Stories

2021 Calendar

Anthea’s Treasure Trove

Anthea’s Treasure Trove started in 2007 as a cottage enterprise and is now operating from two (2) outlets at the Store Bay Beach Facility and the Signal Hill Micro Enterprise Centre. Business owner, Mrs. Anola Martin facilitates both physical and online business. Mrs Martin built the business from a hobby with training in Biochemistry and Microbiology into what is now Anthea’s Treasure Trove. Mrs. Martin built upon her knowledge of Biochemistry and Microbiology to transform her part time hobby to Anthea’s Treasure Trove, a profit making full time venture. Learn more

Classic Touch Upholstering

For over twenty years Mr. Tony Trim has honed his upholstering and business skills. Some twenty years later, Mr. Tony Trim can boast of his perfection as his business, Classic Touch Upholstering stays true to its name offering high quality work to the local market. Learn more

Flavour Me Rite

Since being established in 2012, Flavour MeRite has progressed tremendously moving from their signature bay leaf powder and essence to a wider product offering which now includes tamarind dipping sauce, chunky mango sauce, tamarind BBQ pigtails, bay leaf and lemongrass tea and tamarind BBQ Sauce. Owners Renessia George and Paul David established the business, located in Union Village to introduce Tobago’s emerging food products. Today, the product line is in high in demand locally, regionally and internationally. Flavour Me Rite has been represented at various trade shows including the Fancy Food Fair held in New York. The company was also awarded the 2014 Tobago Business Award for Youth Entrepreneurship. Learn more

Rosie’s Homestyle Bakery Ltd

Rosie’s Homestyle Bakery is located in the community of Bon Accord. Mrs. Rosalyn Bruce started this business in 2002 as one of the first local bakeries established on the western end of Tobago.Today, Rosie’s Homestyle Bakery is not only known for exquisite local bakery items, but also as a convenient stop for breakfast and lunch. Rosie’s Homestyle Bakery is popular on the island and has attracted the interest of a regular loyal customer base, which includes visitors from the sister island and foreigners. In addition to its everyday operations the bakery also caters for several banks and government entities. Learn more

Scott’s Photography Industries

A well-known figure in Tobago’s Photography Industry is Mr. Charles Scott, his passion, skill and ambition propelled the fruition of Scott’s Photography Industries located at Bon Accord, Tobago in 2010. Today, Scott’s Photography Industries offers a well outfitted photo studio with digital background and has expanded its extensive range of services to include Aerial Photography. Evidently a leader in this industry, Mr. Scott constantly seeks out avenues and upcoming trends to build a stronger brand in this competitive industry. Learn more

Schel’s Simple Solutions

Schel’s Simple Solutions was birthed three (3) years ago by Mrs. Christiana Holder upon completion of a course in Home Furnishings and having received great accolades for the pieces produced. Encouraged to start her business, Mrs. Holder approached the Business Development Unit for assistance to acquire much needed industrial machines for boosting productivity and efficiency. Today, Mrs. Holder boasts about an increase by 100% in her client base and she has also been able to make inroads in the commercial sector. Learn more

Springtime Foods

Though a fairly new company which started in November 2010, Springtime Foods has made strides in the local market that could rank amongst some local longstanding businesses. Springtime Foods has become a well-known household brand adding that touch of convenience through its wide range of pre-prepared products. Learn more