The Division’s Finance Department is subdivided into:

  1. The Budgets Section- responsible for disbursing funds allocated and released by the Ministry of Finance to the THA
  2. The Customs and Excise Unit – which facilitates trade, collects revenue to the State and combats smuggling.
  3. The Inland Revenue Department- which collects revenue and taxes on behalf of the Assembly
  4. The District Revenue Services Unit –  which collects Land and Building Taxes
  5. Internal Audit- which conducts independent appraisals of existing systems and controls within the various Divisions of the Tobago House of Assembly

The Administrative functions of the Division are provided by the:

  1. The Data Processing Unit – which provides Payroll services to all Departments of the THA,
  2. The Accounting Unit
  3. The Information Technology Unit
  4. The Human Resource Unit
  5. The Communication Unit, and,
  6. The Emergency Medical Alert & Social Assistance Card Programme