Finance Month

The Division of Finance and Enterprise Development during the second week of November hosts a series of interrelated activities under the banner of Finance Month.  The week has been commemorated for close to a decade growing in scope and impact annually. Generally the events focus on the strategic work of the Division for the fiscal year with each linked in some way to its core mandate of business development and economic diversification. These include an event focused on youth and entrepreneurship, the spiritual life of the staff of the Division, a social responsibility project executed by the personnel of the Division, and two other flagship activities in the Tobago Economic & Business Outlook Conference and the Tobago Business Awards. The Conference creates a space for the discussion of issues and the formulation of solutions. It affords all interest groups an opportunity to participate and dialogue with decision makers while the Business Awards rewards excellence in enterprise on the island.

2020 Finance Month Thanksgiving Service


Finance Month 2020 Staff Appreciation