District Revenue Services

The District Revenue Services (DRS) is a Department of the Board of Inland Revenue housed at the Division of Finance and the Economy in the Tobago House of Assembly. The DRS operates from two (2) offices on the island Scarborough and Roxborough.

The main responsibility of both offices is the collection of Land and Building Taxes. They also function as a sub-treasury which allows for the deposit of payments by other Departments including Division of Education, the Registrar-General and the Police.

Additional services rendered to the public include the Transfer of Ownership of properties via Deeds and Real Property Ordinance, Certificates of Title, Collection of Lease Rent, Liquor Licence, State Game Licence (Hunters Permits), Warden Search Fees, Certificates. The District Revenue Services Roxborough Office operates a paymaster account which is an essential service to assist pensioners and members of the public in the rural areas to encash cheques.

The Inland Revenue Department is responsible for the management, administration and collection of taxes as provided by law. In addition, the Department facilitates the collection of several other rates, taxes and fees, such as liquor licences, examination fees, lease/ground rents, etc.

Contact Information:

Ground Floor, Victor E. Bruce Financial Complex

6-10 Post Office Street, Scarborough – 900212, Tobago

Tel: (868) 639-4414 ext. 51200, 51206 & 51222

Fax: (868) 639-4412 ext.56700

Email: inlandrevenuetobago@hotmail.com