Final Accounts Revenue & Reconciliation

The primary duties and responsibilities of the Final Accounts Department is to monitor, record and report the expenditure and revenue of the Tobago House of Assembly. This is achieved through daily and monthly collection and collation of payment vouchers and expenditure statements and the subsequent reconciliation of these documents, culminating in the presentation of the Annual Financial Statement of the Division.

Additionally, the removal of public assets is also co-ordinated by the Final Accounts and Reconciliation Department. Divisions of the Tobago House of Assembly desirous of disposing of unserviceable items prepare and submit the prescribed form listing all items by description, quantity and period for which items have been in use. The Final Accounts Unit arranges a site visit by members of the Board of Survey; a committee of public servants responsible for the examination of assets recommended for disposal, an inspection is then conducted with the Board making recommendations for method of disposal. This includes sale, repair, donation or destruction. This process is conducted as required by the Divisions.

Contact Information:

Ground Floor, Victor E. Bruce Financial Complex,

#6-10 Post Office Street, Scarborough -900212, Tobago

Tel: (868) 639-4412  ext. 51300