Strategic Business Support and Development Unit

The Strategic Business Support and Development Unit (SBSDU) supports the growth and development of start-ups and existing businesses in Tobago, while encouraging direct local and foreign investments and business on the island.

The Unit is responsible for stimulating investment, sector development, and promotional strategies aimed at enhancing the growth of the small and micro enterprise sector in Tobago, to prepare them for successful penetration of national, regional and international markets.

The Unit focuses on raising the standards and capacity of businesses by conducting capacity building exercises with the SMEs and exploring opportunities for trade and investment.

Sector Development

The Sector Development portfolio is critical and assists mainly in the identification and appraisal of business development projects for the growth, development and expansion of the MSME sector in Tobago. It seeks to advance the goal of fostering successful business enterprises on the island and expansion of targeted areas.

Activities executed include:

  • Conducted research to identify the developmental needs of the various business sectors;
  • Hosted workshops for the general business community to increase entrepreneurship knowledge and ensure both existing and aspiring entrepreneurs are well equipped to propel their businesses;
  • Assisted with identification of markets for export and evaluated product export readiness; and,
  • Co-ordinated network opportunities and facilitated liaisons through trade fairs, shows and other overseas missions.

Contact Information

The Strategic Business Support and Development Unit (SBSDU)

Level 2, Victor E. Bruce Financial Complex

6-10 Post Office Street, Scarborough, 900212, Tobago

Tel : (868) 639-4412 ext. 53130, 53132, 53134, 53135

Email: and