Springtime Foods

Though a fairly new company which started in November 2010, Springtime Foods has made strides in the local market establishing itself among many longstanding businesses. Springtime Foods has become a well-known household brand adding that touch of convenience through its wide range of pre-prepared products.

From inception, Springtime Foods was synonymous with peeled garlic, now, the business provides over ten (10) new products including frozen cornmeal, cassava and white dumplings, pone mix, grated coconut, smoked pigtail, peeled and cut dasheen, sweet bread dough and sorrel. Which are all distributed locally at major supermarkets.

Mrs. Charmaine Springer is the driving force behind Springtime Foods which is located at Hope Trace, Hope, Tobago. Her passion for cooking and the need for easy prepping prompted the realisation of this now successful venture. Mrs. Springer was recipient of the coveted title of Entrepreneur of the Year in the Tobago Business Awards 2012 and the Agri-Business Award in 2013 and the Most Promising Entrepreneur in 2014.