The Milford Road Esplanade

The Milford Road Esplanade was opened in 2005 and is home to 25 businesses. The Esplanade offers visitors a unique slice of Tobago through the goods and services on offer. An oasis in the heart of Scarborough its close proximity to the Scarborough port provides an ideal location and natural destination for cruise ship and inter island ferry passengers. The design of the facility is in keeping with the rustic aesthetic that is unique to Scarborough with warm huts clustered together along the scenic coast for an inimitable island feel.

The Esplanade is managed by a board appointed for a period of 12 months approved by the Executive Council. The Board provides strategic oversight for the Enterprise that manages the facility. The company – the Milford Esplanade was established to localise, streamline and bridge gaps in the system through intrinsic beautification of the town of Scarborough, the development of local enterprise and complementary support of the tourism sector and further lessen the bureaucratic administrative delays and reduce operational inefficiencies by improving project management and implementation.

The board comprises of the following:

  • Catherine Charles (Chairman)
  • Paul Thomas
  • Shelly Ann Baptiste
  • Kwesi Des Vignes
  • Wendell Berkley

Mr. Nigel De Freitas

As part of the mandate to facilitate industry and establish a physical space and opportunities for talented local entrepreneurs to generate income and display the unique products that originate in Tobago the Esplanade continues its operations. There is business activity in several areas including leather craft, garment manufacturing and food and beverage. These services are available on site from the various establishments including:

1.      Fine Things Decorating etc.1A
2.      Gunn and Sons1B
3.      Bayside Beer Garden2A
4.      J&K Lucky Fashions3B
5.      L’Eclipse5B
6.      Ngozi6B
7.      Ted Arthur Leather Creations7A
8.      Exclusive Bar Bar Shop8A
9.      D’ Phone Doctor8B
10.  Dunamis Travel9A
11.  Music Shop9B
12.  Fish Ways10B
13.  Living Garments11A
14.  Touch of Paradise Flower Shop11B
15.  Sumptuous Café Russe12A
16.  Annie’s Catering Services12B
17.  Springs Entertainment12D
18.  Top Cook Confectionery13A
19.  Shelly’s Delight13B
20.  Tempo13C
21.  J’n’J On d Esplanade13D
22.  MG Photo Studios15A
23.  Aunty Flo’s Delicious Delights15B
24.  Institute of Maureen Affairs15C
25.  The Oasis Restaurant15D

Events & Facility Rental:

At the rotunda on the Esplanade many of Tobago’s Calendar events are hosted. Jazz on the Waterfront, the Carib Great Race, the gospel show – Sonfest, Youth for Christ, Trinidad and Tobago Power Boat Regatta and other Christmas Events.  During these seasonal activities, the Esplanade buzzes with extra activity as persons gather to create unforgettable memories. The facilities can be rented for weddings fairs, exhibitions and other corporate and community events. Rental fees are reasonably priced with organisations able to capitalise on the centralised location.

Organisations requesting use of the area must submit an application letter or email the manager of the facility. The request should include the name of the event, the event type as well as the date and time.  A written response will then be provided to the applicant. Hard copy applications are to be submitted to the Esplanade’s office at shop #10A/D. Any further queries or requests can be directed to staff at the Administrative Office, Milford Road, Scarborough, Tobago.

Telephone: 1-868-639-2446


Fax:   (868) 639-1272